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The company IHS (Induction Hardening Services) has been initially established for induction hardening and heat treatment of various parts pertaining to automobile and textile industries since 1998. From a small enterprise with only a few processes, the family-run company, it has continually grown into a well-established, medium-sized business which offers innovative ways to meet the requirement of the job and customers satisfaction according to the nature of work. We apply our practical know-how , profound knowledge and understanding  of the heat treatment  for components offering customized solutions for your in sourcing or outsourcing projects.Customers satisfaction is our priority while providing then best solution at home and abroad in a wide range of industries, such as mechanical engineering, heat treatment  cutting tools, the automotive industry and ceramic industry, etc.Time matters in our Company. Everything is done in fixed time frame.

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GASS CARBURIZING We are provide Gass caburizing services
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Induction Hardening processes Teeth by Teeth First time in pakistan,

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