IHS is the leading manufacturer of automotive and other mechanical parts serving with excellence in different sectors, our highly skilled team of engineers are devoted towards producing supreme quality and reliability across our products range, ensuring IHS stands as market leaders in the field of manufacturing.
All the manufacturing is carried on high technology CNC machines and machining centers, IHS is laced with high technology multiple axis CNC machines which gives us the liberty of providing complex automotive parts for betterment of our mechanical industry on a national and international level.

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IHS have invested in building, land, manufacturing equipment, processes and people and continue to do so, this gives the ability to respond quickly and effectively to suit any of our customer demands and works on the principle of continuous improvement.
Our professionalism ensures our quality standards with the use of fully equipped metrology and quality inspection laboratory, out team of technicians deliver high standards by carefully monitoring and controlling quality on each stage of production process, ensuring that every aspect is delivered to precision.